Academic Leadership Associates (ALA) provides advisory services for higher education institutions around the globe in the areas of strategic planning for institutional leadership, academic and administrative affairs, budgeting, crisis management and preparedness, and international affairs.  ALA’s objective is to help their clients create and sustain competitive advantage in the complex and evolving higher education landscape.  As a truly international firm, ALA offers its clients a wealth of expertise and established relationships with higher education leaders in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

Established in 2005 by Michael A. Diamond and Mark Power Robison, ALA advises clients on the development and implementation of strategic plans, assessing and meeting strategic leadership needs, developing useful and appropriate methods of transparency and accountability to institutional stakeholders, devising programs of self-assessment and self-evaluation, as well as creating and implementing crisis preparedness strategies and comprehensive programs of international engagement. 

The partners, senior advisors and associates of ALA provide a broad spectrum of services ranging from the design and facilitation of targeted discussions or retreats for trustees, institutional leaders and/or faculty; to comprehensive advisory services leading to the design, creation, implementation and assessment of strategic plans, budget and financial plans, crisis preparedness protocols, and international engagements for a wide variety of higher education institutions.

This range of consulting services, whether taken as a whole or focused on targeted needs, is tailored to meet the strategic goals of client institutions in response to their missions, values, strengths, and market opportunities.


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